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There are many things you can do to mess up the Citrix Command Center and I will keep updating this document as I come across solutions to things I mess up. 🙂

Problem: Changing the default port for the web interface to 80 or 443.
Solution: Reverting the default port to 8443 or something unique.

The moment you make this change to the port and restart the server or the Citrix Command Center service the service will no longer start. Well, if you are lucky and if there were no bindings whatsoever to port 80 and 443 it will work. Otherwise you will be stranded with no way to change the configuration since the web interface is unavailable. Here’s what you need to do when this happens so you can get things going back again.

  1. Find the wrapper.conf file in the directory “C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Citrix Command Center\conf\”. This is where the port configurations for the Citrix Command Center are stored.
  2. Find the attributes,
    • wrapper.java.additional.3=-Dwebcontainer.port
    • wrapper.java.additional.4=-Dresource_check
    • wrapper.java.additional.5=-Dwebserver.port
    • wrapper.app.parameter.5 –> refers to WEBSERVER_PORT
    • wrapper.app.parameter.7 –> refers to WEBCONTAINER_PORT
    • wrapper.java.additional.21=-Dssl.port
  3. Replace the port 80 or 443 with 8443 or anything that is unique.
  4. Save the changes and restart the service “Citrix Command Center Service”.

The service will start successfully and you will be able to access the web interface as usual.

Problem: LDAP or RADIUS authentications fail and the default root account is disabled preventing logons to the Command Center.
Solution: Enable the root account.

The statuses of the user accounts in the Command Center are stored in the table “UserConfTable” in SQL database connected to it. We need to go into the table and set the root account’s status to “enabled” so that we can use it.

  1. Run the Microsoft SQL Management Studio and connect to the Citrix Command Center database.
  2. Execute the SQL command UPDATE UserConfTable SET STATUS = 'enabled' WHERE USERNAME = 'root';

Now you should be able to use the root account from the web interface.

These instructions apply to Citrix Command Center 5.2. They have not been tested with other versions.